10 Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

The top ten benefits of buying a mattress online may convince you to consider this the wisest choice. Some of the benefits are impressive, while others are less noticeable but make for a much more comfortable shopping experience. While approximately 55% of the overall population shops online, figures show that 85% of the people who are already using the internet make purchases online. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already experienced the ease of shopping online but may still be concerned about making a major purchase, such as buying a mattress online. Addressing consumers’ common concerns and explaining the associated benefits may help you make the switch.

Top Ten Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online

Here are the top reasons for buying a mattress via a website versus in stores. For a more in-depth look  addressing perceived disadvantages of online shopping, check out the latest post from Mattress Journal, “The Facts About Buying a Mattress Online.”

1) Convenient

Convenience is the top benefit of buying a mattress online, as the internet is open 24/7. Customers can easily compare prices and features of different models and lines. The ability to set your own pace, rather than having to take off work early or spend a day off driving from showroom to showroom.

2) No Stress

Testing beds in a showroom can be a very stressful experience as salespeople hover and attempt to sway you to a more expensive mattress or a different line. While some internet sites offer live chat, it is generally to provide information, rather than pressure shoppers. Commissions are a driving force for salespeople in many brick and mortar showrooms, which leads them to divert you to a mattress that will place more money in their pocket, rather than what is best for yours. Shopping online allows you to thoroughly research decisions and avoid pressure.

3) Higher Percentage of Satisfaction

The results of a test conducted by RTI demonstrated that  our bodies do not respond the same while we are actually sleeping, during which time we significantly relax, making a bed that felt comfortable in the showroom seem either harder or softer. Numerous methods of testing were used to determine this, including actigraphs to measure movement during rest and self-reporting. A survey on mattress shopping from BestMattress-Reviews.org shows the actual consumer satisfaction comparisons between showroom and buying a mattress online without lying on it first. Surprisingly, consumers who bought online report greater satisfaction then those who bought in stores.

4) Online Consumers are More Informed

The ability to research all types of construction as well as mattress models and lines when buying a mattress online creates a more informed consumer. It is considerably more difficult to comparison shop in showrooms as the selection is generally limited. What’s more, you can check out reviews on third party sites, forums, and retailer sites to learn unbiased information about the mattresses.

5) Longer In Home Trials

When you buy a mattress online most companies will provide a 30-90 day free trial period wherein the mattress can be returned at no cost. Most showrooms will only allow an exchange and may charge restocking or other fees. Be certain to read or ask about the trial period before purchasing any mattress. For example, Amerisleep.com, a memory foam mattress retailer, offers  90 night in home trial and no fees for returns.

6) Wider Selection

The widest selection of mattress styles is available online due to limitations such as cost and space. Many manufacturers may have agreements with their retailers limiting competing brands that may be carried in their stores. Some brands of mattresses, especially plant-based memory foam, natural latex and other specialty styles including organic may not be available in showrooms.

Finding the support you need in the type of mattress you want can be difficult when shopping in a local showroom. Online retailers feature options such as dual or split king and queen sized memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses,  and waterbed styles which can allow couples to choose different levels of firmness The ability to shop from a vast selection and customize your bed is a major advantage when buying a mattress online. New technological advances featuring eco-friendly materials that are healthier to sleep on, are available online almost as soon as they are developed.

7) Lower Prices

The figure is amazing but true, consumers are actually able to save up to 70% when they buy a mattress online. Online retailers have considerably less overhead than local showrooms and are able to pass the savings on to their customers. Mattresses which are comparable to, but generally exceed, those heavily advertised name-brands you are familiar with are available at significant savings. Quoting from mattress industry blog Mattress Inquirer  “According to an article about buying a mattress online vs in stores by Best Mattress Reviews, “Online, an average quality memory foam mattress might cost around $859. In a showroom, a similar bed costs $3089.”

8) No Haggling Required

The already low prices available when buying a mattress online means you won’t have to haggle with pushy sales people. Some brands, such as latex mattresses from Astrabeds.com, offer consumers the added advantage of a price-match guarantee on their high quality mattresses. Additional savings include not being required to pay sales tax when buying out of state via an internet retailer.

9) Better Warranties

The warranties offered by online retailers often exceed those from local retailers. Read and review the warranty thoroughly prior to purchase, as most offer a partial full warranty followed by prorated coverage. For foam and latex, warranties should be around 20 years.

10) Smoother Deliveries, Pickup Options

One concern that many people have when buying a mattress online is pickup and delivery options. Most companies arrange delivery that is as convenient as shopping from a local showroom. Many even offer Fedex or UPS options to cut costs, which allows you to track and easily receive your purchase (whether you are hoem or not). It is also easy to arrange for disposal of an old mattress in numerous ways, including local charities and shelters where they will help those in need rather than going to dump (see donationtown.org).

Buying a Mattress Online: Saves stress, time, and money.

Savings, value, and stress-free convenience top the benefits of buying a mattress online. Typically when we shop, these are the main things we want, in addition to ending up with a comfortable bed. Buying online allows consumers more resources and access to wide variety of retailers and bed types not available locally. What’s more, buying a mattress online puts the power back in your hands, meaning online retailers know they aren’t the only game in town and offer better prices and more favorable policies to earn your business.

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