Can Social Media Help You Get the Best Mattress?

Social media has quickly become a valuable tool in product research, but can it help you with finding the best mattress? There are a number of benefits in using social media that perhaps have not been previously considered. Many people rely on going from mattress outlet to mattress outlet, getting the same old sales pitch, and choosing a bed based on couple minutes of testing. However with all of the new tools available online for product research, savvy shoppers can streamline their search and use social connections to get a better beds. Here, we will discuss what role social media plays in making knowledgeable purchases and how you can best use this source to your own advantage. Social media is a popular source for communication so it is no surprise that it also spreads the word about the best options for mattresses.

Guide to Using Social Media to Find the Best Mattress

In order to really utilize social media to its fullest advantage of finding the best mattress, you have to know what to look for. There are a number of sites that can help you gain valuable information about certain mattresses based solely on official and unofficial mattress reviews. While some sites may be more helpful than others, it will be up to you to decide which reviews to consider. There are a few places to search that may prove to be the most forthcoming.

Vocal Bloggers

Many people maintain a blog that they use to write about various aspects of their lives. Major purchases are definitely a part of a person’s life that they like to discuss, be they good or bad. When scouring social media outlets for information about a particular bed, blogs are a great place to start. Here, you can find information about a person’s experience with their mattress and what they like or don’t like. Nothing compares to candid reviews, and most people are very open when they blog. Plus, if people are blogging about their bed on their own personal site, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is a faked review. Most good bloggers will disclose if they were asked to review, received a product from a company, or purchased the bed on their own volition. Original pictures are also a good sign, as you can see that the reviewer actually uses the bed in their home. This is a great outlet to look for honest feedback about a particular bed, and find out if it might be the best mattress for your needs.

Likes & Tweets

Facebook and Twitter have quickly become tools that people use to document specific details about their lives. Facebook is notorious for people feeling free to express their opinions (good and bad) so it is not surprise that people will readily put what they think about a particular purchase, including their bed. People also may be able to “like” certain products and if a particular bed or brand is gaining more attention than others, you may be more interested in researching if it would qualify as the best mattress. Brands also have Facebook pages, and are good places to look for reviews and discussions. Plus, you can get an idea of how the company interacts with customers and responds to complaints – do they care about customer satisfaction? Do they respond and interact with customers? Are they pleasant to deal with?

Twitter offers quick snips of information that can have big impacts. If someone thinks their bed is the best mattress they’ve ever had, they may feel compelled send out a tweet. Twitter blurbs are usually short and sweet, and can offer some insight. Likewise, if a person tweets about how terrible they slept the night before, you may be prompted to ask about which mattress they use. While it may seem like simple exchanges of information, it is actually an important part of your research.  For brand pages, subscribing to Twitter feeds can also be a great way to get exclusive coupons and news on promotions.

The Unwritten Mattress Review

Pinterest is a popular site where people re-pin things that they particularly like. If you see a bed that is liked by many people, you may gravitate more to that mattress in order to find out what makes it so great. This is kind of an unwritten approach to mattress reviews as it relies more on images, but allows you to see which are most popular. You can also use it as a shopping tool, by pinning beds you want to test out or the best mattress options you’ve found for easy finding later. Popularity brings interest and this is a terrific way to easily see what beds people are most interested in.

Consumer Mattress Reviews

You can always look on the retailer’s page in order to get a better idea of the perks of a certain mattress. While most retailer pages will always claim to be the “best mattress” they also have a review section that may shed light on some of the real pros and cons. Look for reviews that are verified by a third party like Power Reviews so you know that the content is truly owner-generated and real. Also, retailers often create social media pages in order to promote sales. This could be a good option if you are interested in the possibility of coupons or promotions, or just want to connect with the brand. Many will offer incentives for likes or follows, so it is worth checking out.

One Example – Amerisleep

An example of one mattress company that utilizes social media outlets is Amerisleep retails plant-based memory foam mattresses and adjustable beds, and takes a consumer centric approach. Shoppers will find an active Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest presence as well as several referrals from private bloggers and excellent third-party verified reviews (the five mattresses range from 4.5-4.7 out 5, with over 300 reviews).

 Be Social to Get the Best Mattress

Social media is certainly a growing, and valuable, aspect of shoppers’ product research process. You have access to a number of mattress reviews from several diverse sources that can help direct you toward the best mattress. No longer do you have to rely on a salesperson’s recommendation – you can take it from other customers. While social sites certainly play a huge role in finding out which beds are the leading brands in the market, you also ask for advice from trusted social sources, like friends and family who are probably already in your networks. There are a number of ways to ensure that you have researched all of your options when trying to locate the best mattress, and social media happens to be a very good one.

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