Mattress Comparison Showdown: Tempurpedic vs. Serta iComfort

The brash newcomer and the market insider go toe-to-toe in a revealing mattress comparison. Tempurpedic vs. Serta iComfort is a mattress comparison pitting one of the most trusted companies in the bedding industry against an upstart competitor pitching the latest in technological advancement.

Tempurpedic vs Serta iComfort Mattress Comparison

Each of these companies has deep pockets to fund endless television commercials touting the most advantageous characteristics of their respective sleep systems. That means it can often be difficult for average consumers to pick through their way through the buying process and getting the information they need with the competing din of sales-speak ringing in their ears.

But Tempurpedic reviews and Serta iComfort reviews online have become a significant contributor to consumer knowledge and the ability to make the right choice when it is time to purchase a new mattress. Often-times the reader can get a fully rounded impression of customer satisfaction – blemishes and all when conducting a mattress comparison. This is the real information you need about a company and its products, including details relevant to pricing, special offerings and customer service.

Mattress comparison: the brands


Tempurpedic mattresses were one of the first on the memory foam market, and that makes them a true innovator. But that could also be considered a cause to pause given the short time frame that memory foam has been on the market relative to other sleep systems. The company’s early entry into this industry-shaking category, however, has earned it respect and appeal among a wide array of consumers and bedding experts. Tempurpedic claims it is the “most highly recommended bed in America” – a phrase in which the company is so confident, it has secured a trade mark.

The appeal to 6 million happy customers, according to Tempurpedic, is the Tempur material’s unique ability to “react continuously to your body’s unique shape, weight and temperature” — creating cushioning and support for all-night comfort.” The company is not shy in tooting its own horn about being an industry-leader in innovation and what its research shows regarding customer satisfaction.

Tempurpedic mattresses come with a 10-25-year limited warranty and a 90-day in-home trial to ensure the customer -has purchased the right bed to meet their individual needs. In addition to the high quality nature of Tempurpedic mattresses, these sleep systems are also known as one of the costliest brands available with prices that range from $699 for a basic twin bed up to nearly $8,500 for the more deluxe models. In a mattress comparison, this is a significant factor as customers want to know if the bed actually commands the higher price.

According to Tempurpedic, 94 percent of its customers are satisfied overall with their mattress, while 92 percent express satisfaction with the quality of their sleep. Nine out of 10 customers say they would buy another of Tempurpedic’s mattresses, the company’s research shows.


Serta, while no bed industry newcomer, has been around for 75 years giving it a broad understanding of customer needs and the mattress market. The Serta iComfort line is aimed at siphoning away Tempurpedic’s market share. They tout an exclusive variation of the memory foam mattress that infuses millions of tiny “Micro Support” gel beads to provide, according to Serta, twice the support and seven times the cooling power of competing models.

The gel-infused nature of Serta iComfort mattresses is intended to addresses one of the most troubling complaints about memory foam – that they sleep too warmly for many people’s comfort, something that many memory foam brands face in mattress comparisons. The proprietary process creates an environment that is comfortable and supportive yet more breathable and cooler than other brands, according to Serta.

Serta, which claims: “We make the world’s best mattress,” includes with its iComfort line a 25-year limited warranty similar to Tempurpedic’s but also a 120-day in-home trial period, which is a month longer than the top competitor.

With fewer models offered than competitor Tempurpedic, Serta is able to offer a more affordable array of choices that range from about $1,300 for a base-level Queen sized mattress up to almost $4,000 for a deluxe Queen sized model – both prices include a standard/flat foundation.

Mattress Comparison: the reviews


Read the reviews, posted on the company’s website, for Tempurpedic brand memory foam mattress models and you’ll find a lop-sided assortment of positive customer experiences that are punctuated by terms like “love,” and “wonderful.”

The reviews for Tempurpedic demonstrate a customer base that is satisfied with their mattress’ comfort, sleep quality and value. Nearly every customer review carries a caveat that the reviewer would recommend the bed to someone else.

Outside customer review sites provide a similar picture of the Tempurpedic brand but with several areas where some users have found concern. The cost of Tempurpedic models is one of the most commonly cited criticisms along with weight (too heavy). Sleeping temperature is another concern, cited frequently enough to prompt Tempurpedic to launch a cooler line of mattresses and react. Offgassing from the foam is another complaint, as some sensitive to chemical odors may have issues with any new polyurethane foams. Still, that’s not bad considering there seems to be general consensus on the quality of the bed itself and the benefits of memory in general.


Serta iComfort reviews, posted on the company website, also trend toward the positive in areas of comfort, quality and price.  Overwhelmingly, reviews found their iComfort beds to meet or exceed their expectations and many remarked that the particular model they purchased was the best bed they ever had.

Customer reviews posted on sites unrelated to Serta show a high level of satisfaction with the iComfort line of gel-infused memory foam mattresses. Pain relief, limited off-gassing, cooler sleeping and true motion isolation were all frequently mentioned high points to ownership.

Firmness that exceeded expectations or that was inconsistent in the bed were cited with some frequency as downsides to purchase along with heavy weight. Some reviewers also reported mattress dimensions that were smaller than stated and that caused linens to come loose.  The offgassing and temperature issues seem to be mentioned less with iComfort, though there is less reviews in general since it is somewhat newer.

Serta iComfort vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison Results

The mattress comparison between Tempurpedic and Serta iComfort reveals two high quality offerings that enjoy superior customer support. It does not appear likely that a customer of either brand would end up dissatisfied with the purchase; therefore the degree of appeal is going to fall largely on individual preference. Memory foam in general tends to rate better than other mattresses, so it is not surprising to see above average satisfaction for both brands. Whenever shopping for a new bed, it’s always wise to consider all your options and research first hand, though using reviews as a mattress comparison tool can prove useful when weighing pros and cons.

9 thoughts on “Mattress Comparison Showdown: Tempurpedic vs. Serta iComfort

  • August 21, 2013 at 3:43 am

    I am trying to decide which mattress to buy . I have neck and back problems and weigh 298 lbs. Can you direct me to the right mattress for me. I have a firm spring mattress right now and it really hurts my back . My wife has fibromyalgia and has pressure points that hurt a lot also.
    What is your suggestion .

    • August 29, 2013 at 6:41 pm

      Hi Tim,

      It’s always difficult to make accurate mattress recommendations online, but I will share a few tips that may help with your search. If you want more specific information feel free to ask.

      Spring mattresses are one of the worst offenders when it comes to pressure points and pain, while all-foam mattresses (quality memory foam and latex) tend to be better, especially after a few years. The main points to consider are foam depth and quality, as well as the thickness of contouring material (people with larger frames and side sleepers need a thicker layer of memory foam to see the benefits, between 4-6″). has some helpful mattress statistics, and according to their surveys, people between 250-300 lbs rate 12-14″ mattresses as most comfortable, with memory foam and latex rating as the best types, so this might provide a starting point for your search. For fibromyalgia, since pressure points are usually a leading concern, memory foam often is most recommended (supportive but not hard).

      A majority of sleep studies show medium-firm beds tend to be rated as most comfortable for back pain relief, so trying out a different firmness level might be helpful. Though if you definitely prefer firm beds, consider natural latex, which can offer firm support without the added pressure of springs (and can sometimes be customized to provide different firmnesses on each side if needed).

  • February 20, 2014 at 2:44 am

    We just bought the allura tempurpedic and we hate it.

  • February 20, 2014 at 2:46 am

    We regret the money we have spent. Like sleeping on rock

  • April 19, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    Sorry to hear you don’t like yours, Monica.
    We’ve had our Tempurpedic for 7 years and I’m currently checking out reviews looking for info on adjustable beds.
    I’m pretty sure we will stay with Tempurpedic. Just can’t beat ’em. You can count us among the people who love our Tempurpedic.
    This mattress will go to our other home when we get the adjustable, presuming we do.
    I see you have just gotten yours recently. Might want to wait awhile and see what you say in a month.
    But we loved ours from day one.

  • April 27, 2014 at 3:40 am

    We just bought an Ero base and the tempurpedic temper choice mattress. From the first night the valves were bad and the bed doesnt stay inflated. The bed base made a loud popping sound when we let the base down. The second night the head portion of the base broke completely and it nearly destroyed my headboard. I understand the bed is made by man and things break. When I called tempurpedic the warranty department was quick to set up a repair. However, the technical support who i had to deal with was awful. I spent over 40 minutes on hold, They couldn’t even get ahold to the technician who was to come out. Their contracted technician’s company claims they called me however when I offered my phone records to show he didn’t he told me that wasn’t his problem I should have answered my phone. They then said that I would have to wait a week for them to come back out because they are 2 hours away. Tempurpedic basically told me I was at the technician’s mercy. I slept in my bed the first night the second time my bed broke. I was not even sure if the bed was structurally sound enough to support my husband and I. We decided to sleep on our 14 year old interspring mattress because it is more comfortable than the non working bed that I have slept in for a week and we were expected to sleep on this awful bed another week before it even came close to being fixed. Thankfully our local Rooms to Go is changing out our bed we have chisen to go with the icomfort with the ergo base. I will never buy anything tempurpedic again I am glad to be rid of it and their awful customer service.

  • April 27, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    I am the owner of the original temperpedic celebrity mattress, which WAS there top of the line , now almost 10 years later I’m looking for another mattress in our 2nd master bedroom. So I looked into purchasing a second temperpedic, however, I learned the are more then 17 models nonetheless I can confidently say temperpedic has changed their quality and comfort since the original mattress and added a lot of bogus products to their line of which I trialed two separate mattresses when they came in both times they were damaged, not to mention increased an already high sticker price. In the end we purchased the I comfort and we are happy with the purchase. To temperpedic I only have to say “tisk tisk.”

  • July 24, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    I bought an IComfort bed based on the one I tried at the store. They brought me the wrong frame and it does make a difference apparently because when I laid on it and raised the head of the bed for sleep apnea problems and elevated my feet it felt horrible compared to the one I tried at the store. They are returning it and bringing the right one but will take six weeks to get it to me. I ordered the Queen sized EverFeel model.

    I hope this bed does all that it is supposed to do. Over the years I have bought many models to the tune of $75,000-$100,000 or even more. One bed like the one that Christopher Reeves slept on was the most expensive one and I donated it after one week of use to the local Nursing Home.

    I am very short and these beds just do not bend where I need to have them fit me. I have to sleep with the top raised due to Sleep Apnea

    I hope that the IComfort bed I am getting will solve a lot of problems. Will let you know later.

  • August 29, 2014 at 5:25 am

    We had for about 3 years our tempurpedic rhapsody and it was awful. My husband and I are not heavy people and our bodies seem to sink in the mattress and in the morning both my husband and I would wake up with back pain. It’s too soft for my taste and we bought the rhapsody for being the firmest of them all. It also was very warm even in the winter for my taste. The only good thing about the tempurpedic rhapsody is that it was so heavy that it didn’t move around when we move. We just purchased our icomfort genius everfeel and it seems firmer and cooler but its not as heavy as the rhapsody and it moves with each movement we do. I will try the icomfort though, it feels a lot better.


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